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Are Facials Safe in Covid-19?

Les Nouvelles, in conjunction with Beauty Warriors has just published a very interesting blog addressing the burning question "ARE FACIALS SAFE IN COVID-19"

We'd like to share their thoughts with you............


Would you feel safe chancing a facial with COVID-19 being at its all-time high?

We did some deep diving to see if it really is possible to be safe while visiting a spa. You can only delay your regular skincare treatments for so long before it becomes an urgent necessity. Believe me, I have tried!

Face masks have become a permanent feature, activating all sorts of unnecessary complications for our skin. We developed new COVID-19 term for skin ‘Maskne’ – breakouts caused by wearing a mask for extended periods of time. Taking care of our skin is a bigger concern than before.


  • Proximity of close human contact
  • Lying down without a mask
  • Being in a high-traffic space
  • Unsure if correct sanitization protocols are in place

“Salons must be fully compliant to the highest standards of excellence in order re-open their doors”, says Esna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty, which comprises of Placecol Skincare Clinics, Dream Nails salons and Perfect 10 Studios.


Let’s be honest, this is a self-regulatory industry. How do we really know that protocols are being upheld consistently without compromise? We asked some of the industry’s largest spa and salon groups to weigh in, and also visited establishments to investigate for ourselves.

John Lambrou, Managing Partner of Life Day Spa, Cape Town assured us.

“Before any staff members are allowed to start doing treatments, everyone had to pass a COVID exam. This included frontline staff, managers and attendants. This takes place after they have attended a half day training session on COVID protocols”.

Sorbet have also implemented an examination prior to staff commencing work. Linda Sinclair, Sorbet CEO said, “We have provided online and in-store training. We are also educating them about COVID-19 and sharing updates with them weekly.”

Regardless of the current pandemic, there have always been high hygiene standards in the personal care. That’s just nature of the industry. Exams are great in instilling and reinforcing safety precautions, but in practise how will this translate to clients’ safety?


Sinclair adds, “We have implemented a list in excess of 20 additional hygiene and social distancing protocols.”

Upon investigation, all three of the spa & salon groups mentioned above use shoe spray as you enter, disposable bedcovers, and therapists wear masks, face shields and disposable aprons over their uniforms. There is also a lead time between clients for complete sanitization of the treatment room.

“We ask clients to bring own pillow and blanket to feel completely at ease while they have their facials”, says Lisa Leibov, Principal Educator of the Imbalie Beauty Training Academy. “Each client receives a sterile and sealed facial kit with her own sponges, tissues and cotton wool. Nothing is reused.”