• Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

    SCI is a mild amino acid based anionic surfactant, which is based on glycine and coconut oil. SCI gives a rich, creamy foam and contributes to skin feel. It gives excellent rinsability, especially in hard water areas which can help save water when showering. This benefits the consumer and the environment.



    −Very low irritation

    −Mild to skin and eyes

    −Excellent foamer

    −Rich and abundant lather


    −Imparts silky skin after-feel

    −Hard water tolerant

    −Leaves no soap scum

    −Limited water solubility

    −Rinses free from skin

    −Various physical forms and packaging options

    -Easy to handle and use in all types of

    manufacturing processes

    Shampoo Bars are a hot trend at the moment and our SCI can be used.

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    "We trust in nature to provide us with the best in beauty."

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    AcquaSeal Coconut!

    A MUTI-FUNCTIONAL ingredient, that ENDOWS the skin and hair with a silky texture sans the feel of an oily or greasy residue.  When incorporated in personal care products, it seals in moisture and delivers critical macro-nutrients.  Immediately perceivable benefits such as reduction in TEWL, intense moisturisation, and the sensorial experience as it assimilates with the skin transforming it into a LUXURIOUSLY soft, hydrated surface.


    Pomegranate Sterols!

    A SUPER FRUIT ingredient that can be used as a natural replacement for synthetic materials such as petrolatum and animal-derived materials, like lanolin. Capable of INCREASING MOISTURE levels on the skin while enhancing the skin’s barrier function to PROTECT against environmental stress.


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  • Welcome to Essential Specialised Products

    Welcome to Essential Specialised Products

    ESP is a proudly South African distributor of cosmetic and personal care raw materials sourced from various overseas principles. ESP currently represents Setalg, Phoenix Chemical Inc, Bio-Botanica and Active Concepts, as well as various other suppliers. Together these companies supply products ranging from botanical blends, oils and butters through to high-tech conditioning and moisturising agents. Abyssinian Oil is one of the company's flagship materials. We are also suppliers of spa and salon products – primarily Peel Off Face Masks and Body Wraps sourced from France. The ESP Team is well qualified to meet the needs of the industry and customers to ensure an outstanding business experience.

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