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Before COVID-19, natural consumers avoided preservative and artificial ingredients in beauty and personal care products. However, it is predicted that with more concerns surrounding shelf-stability and sanitation across consumer packaged goods categories, consumers will be more willing to accept these ingredients as long as brands provide evidence of efficacy and safety, both from a health and environmental perspective.

It stated that the arrival of the novel coronavirus will further push the notion that natural isn’t always better, especially when it comes to ingredient safety and shelf life. The future of clean ingredient formulations will rely on safe synthetic ingredients, which may improve shelf life.

Another opportunity for brands in the wake of the pandemic is waterless formulas, which could appeal to consumers’ safety and environmental concerns. Products of this sort reduce the need for preservatives and give consumers the ability to control the shelf life on their own.
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  1. Leucidal Liquid, which offers Moisturisation, Skin/Scalp Conditioning, as well as being an effective Antimicrobial.
  2. Leucidal Liquid Advanced Aloe which functions as a Moisturizer, Skin Conditioner and an Antimicrobial.
  3. PhytoCide Elderberry OS which is a unique, multi-functional ingredient that delivers antioxidant and anti-aging skin conditioning benefits, while providing natural antimicrobial efficacy for cosmetic formulations.