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Green living through upcycled waste.

Earth Conscious Consumers are looking for sustainable solutions in many areas of their lives. And personal care products are no exception. ESP has an exciting new ingredient from Active Concepts that embraces "Green living through upcycled waste".

Capitalizing on sustainability and veganism, AC POLYJACKHARIDES offers an upcycled approach to clean and eco-conscious living by utilizing jackfruit polysaccharides extracted from inedible, discarded waste. A fully-sustainable product capable of increasing moisturization to the skin, as well as hydrating and anti-frizz benefits to the hair.

Jackfruit is one of the largest edible fruits grown worldwide and is an increasingly popular ingredient in vegan cuisine. Much of this fruit consists of non-edible waste. By obtaining and reanimating discarded waste from the food industry, Active Concepts is able to maximize ingredient yield from an economic standpoint and produce this efficacious product that is essentially waste free, benefiting the well-being of both the environment and the consumer.

INCI Name:
Water & Artocarpus Heterophyllus Fruit Extract
• Moisturization
• Hydration
• Anti-frizz


jackfruit tree

An in-vivo rinse-off moisturization study was conducted to evaluate the moisturization benefits of AC PolyJackharides in a body wash formulation. The experimental containing 5% AC PolyJackharides saw an increase in moisture levels at each time point when compared to the untreated control or baseline.