This versatile Hydrocarbon is most often used as an emollient and solvent in skin care products. Thanks to its low viscosity and density, it has a high spreadability. It is a Colourless liquid and water-insoluble, but is completely soluble with silicones, hydrocarbons, isoparaffin & mineral spirits.

All hydrocarbons used in cosmetics help prevent the evaporation of water from skin, and Isododecane is no exception

It has a weightless feel on skin and enhances spreadability of products. It is an excellent emollient and can be used as replacement for oils in emulsions. It is compatible with silicones and can be used for imparting shine, slip and comb-ability for hair care products and it also conditions hair and skin.

It can be added to the formula as is, into the oil phase at levels from 2-15%.

Among its many uses in beauty products, it’s not uncommon to see Isododecane in long-wear lipsticks and foundations, where it helps minimize colour transfer and lends itself to a lightweight, matte finish.

It can also be used in Mascara, eyeliner, creams, lotions, hair care products, conditioners, hairsprays, perfumes and personal and baby care products.