Jamaican Black Castor Oil for HEALTHY HAIR!

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor seeds (Ricinus communis). It is a triglyceride - esters derived from glycerol and three fatty acids. Approximately 90% of the fatty acid content in castor oil is from ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid (12-hydroxy-9-cis-octadecenoic acid) is an UNSATURATED  omega-9 fatty acid that NATURALLY occurs in mature castor plant seeds. It’s also the only oil in nature with ricinoleic acid. Omega 9 fatty acids have a CONDITIONING and MOISTURISING effect on the scalp and the hair.

Jamaican black castor oil is developed by first roasting the bean, which results in a dark colour (and burnt smell) from the ash of the roasted castor beans.  This is the method used in Jamaica. The ash found in Jamaican Black Castor Oil results in a higher pH product that is believed to have more clarifying properties. In fact, alkaline pH levels can help open cuticles.


1. Hair Loss... Hair growth can be impeded if the scalp is infected or if there is a scalp disorder present.

2. Split Ends... Omega 6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins and other nutrients can help particularly with the problem of split ends.

3. Hair Growth... Keeping the scalp clean and pathogen free with help keep hair follicles strong and therefore help improve the quality of the hair.

4. Thicker Hair... Omega 6 fatty acids present in castor oil  keep the scalp moisturised and the hair looking healthy and fuller,  giving the impression of thicker hair.

5. Seals in Moisture... It has the ability to seal moisture in the hair, combating the natural dryness of these hair types.

6. Hair Dandruff... Castor oil can be applied directly to dry areas prior to washing or shampooing the hair.