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Abyssinian Oil!

Plantasens™ Abyssinian Oil is a vegetable oil obtained entirely from Crambe abyssinica, a crop plant native to the African highlands (among other regions). Emollients are substances that REDUCE the roughness of the skin, giving it a SOFTER and SMOOTHER appearance. It also has a NOURISHING,MOISTURIZING, and PROTECTIVE effect. The use of oils and fats as emollients has a long tradition and was practiced by the ancient Egyptians as early as 1500 B.C. Due to its unique composition, it provides RADIANT skin and SHINY hair without the oily, heavy feeling that other vegetable oils can create.Through its cultivation during the dry season it contributes to the regeneration of the soil and provides the producing farmers with additional income. The oil has an EXCELLENT sustainability profile, as it is pressed without the aid of heat or solvents, free from genetically modified organisms.