Ready to use Face Masks

Ready to use Face Masks

Our French suppliers have developed a fully formulated range of ready to use Private Label Face and Body Masks for professional use in Spas and Salons.  This unique offering allows you to purchase a product that has been fully tested and is quality guaranteed, without the hassle of having to develop and test it yourselves. It shortens the channel to market as your R&D hours are cut to a minimum.

Purchased in bulk you are free to brand them under your current skin care range, or incorporate them into new brands. The products are very versatile and can easily be used in your current range without fear of them causing any skin reactions or product interactions.

These products are the 1st choice amongst many well-known international brands that have discovered the magic behind this type of “formulating”.

Choose your own names and packaging and Voila! You are ready to launch.

Because we have so many different masks on offer, be assured that there will be a mask to fit any requirement – be it for a specific skin type, or product theme, or even a specific part of the body.

Explore our current range by clicking on the link below. Remember this is a sample of what is available – there are many more to choose from, and we can even create a mask that is exclusive to you.