Household & Industrial

Many consumers purchase household goods simply out of habit. But that doesn’t mean the products used should remain stagnant and neither should your product offering. Shake up consumer habits in the household products industry with innovative formulating and cost-effective solutions. Household and industrial companies manufacture products, and we do more by helping our clients better understand consumers for the living, breathing humans they are.

Our homes are the safe spaces of consumers. With the advent of Covid-19 and the increased awareness around hygiene, the demand for cleaning and household products has risen extensively. This has been a positive boost for the market and encompasses products like Laundry Detergents, Surface Cleaners, Dishwashing products, Toilet Cleaners and many more. The demand for high-quality products requires excellent ingredient choices and smart formulating. For any household & industry ingredients, ESP can offer a variety of ingredients to suit your formulation needs.






Specialty Additives